I’m An Activist That Raises Awareness May 14th 2016

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I’m An Activist That Raises Awareness

You may or may not know that I’m an activist for equality and other causes. I gravitate to activists. The Tech Generation is full of social media Kings and Queens that can raise awareness for a good cause. My YouNow fan count goal is to reach 1,000 fans! Sunday, I’ll stream for as long as I can to ask guests to CrackACure. I found out about CrackACure on Musically. I just reviewed the app on my YouNow blog. It’s awesome truly. My previous work as an activist for equality began with Starline films and the 4Chosen. I recorded a song that made one of the trailers. I can’t find the video at the moment. Here are a few of documentary videos. Equality is a struggle. The reality is suggestion needs to improve. In the last few years I’ve done work with these gentlemen. I believe our awareness contributed directly to laws offering minorities have residency in police departments by mandate in New Jersey.

It’s the story that you never thought would happen. It’s the story that effects a life forever. Through good times and bad the Jersey 4 have always made me feel welcome, equal, and been great friends. Raising awareness is about sharing the message. Find the Jersey4 website.

If you’re an activist that raises awareness for good causes. This post is a challenge. This Sunday May 15th at 1 PM EST I’ll be hosting on my YouNow. Come guest me and help CrackACure by raising awareness for this young man and his sister! Find out more about my YouNow on my personal YouNow blog.


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